SharePoint Security Mistakes; Browsers Without Plug-ins; Can Azure be Saved?

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SharePoint Daily LogoKeep your dogs on the leash or you could get tazered  –  Dooley

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10 SharePoint Security Mistakes You Probably Make (InformationWeek)
How important is it to secure and monitor Microsoft SharePoint? Consider the case of Bradley Manning, the Army intelligence analyst who’s accused of leaking 250,000 government cables to WikiLeaks. According to an Army investigator who testified at a hearing to determine if Manning should face a court martial, one of Manning’s laptops contained an Excel spreadsheet, containing a tab with multiple Wget scripts–designed to download large numbers of files–that “pointed to a Microsoft SharePoint server” that stored documents for the Guantanamo Bay Naval Base detention facility, reported Wired. The investigator further testified that “he ran the scripts to download the documents, then downloaded the ones that WikiLeaks had published and found they were the same.” Continue reading this entry »

Application Development in the Cloud; Global Intranet Governance; Kinect for Windows Preview

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SharePoint Daily LogoDid you know that using touchscreen devices is dangerous? Maybe I can convince my insurance to cover a new lighter tablet that might be healthier.  –  Dooley

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Application Development in the Cloud with SharePoint Online 2010 (ComputerWeekly)
In this guest blog post, Jeremy Thake, enterprise architect and Microsoft SharePoint MVP at Avepoint looks at the opportunities for using SharePoint Online 2010 as an application development platform. Microsoft launched Office 365 (O365) in June 2010, including SharePoint 2010 Online, as an update to its existing Business Productivity Online Services (BPOS) suite that offered SharePoint 2007 Online. But what is SharePoint? Continue reading this entry »

SharePoint 2010 Features for ECM; Microsoft: The Cloud Underdog; The Year of the App Stores

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SharePoint Daily LogoHappy Holidays! I have given everyone in the SharePoint Daily offices the rest of the year off. In the spirit of the season I have called all of your HR managers and arranged for you to have the rest of the year off too. You can thank me later.  :-)  I hope you enjoy the holidays, spend time with your friends and family and have way too many sweets. I’ll see you all next year.  –  Dooley

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New SharePoint 2010 Features Aid in Enterprise Content Management (SearchContentManagement)
SharePoint has come a long way since its infancy a decade ago. Over the last 10 years, it has undergone various changes that have helped to broaden the software’s usefulness and business value. In the latest version, SharePoint 2010, one of the major areas of improvement involved the collaboration platform’s enterprise content management (ECM) capabilities. As organizations deploy the platform and consider using it for ECM, there are a number of new SharePoint 2010 features their content management efforts can benefit from. Continue reading this entry »

SharePoint 2010 Adoption & Migration; Checking in on Microsoft’s Public Cloud; Do You Need a Tablet?

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SharePoint Daily LogoI wanted to say thanks to everyone that stopped by the Bamboo booth last week. It was great finally meeting so many of you that I have written to for the last few years as well as having a time to catch up with old friends. Hopefully we can do it again in Vegas next year.  — Dooley

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Forrester’s Survey on Best Practices in SharePoint 2010 Adoption and Migration (CMSWire)
At the SharePoint Conference in Anaheim California, Rob Koplowitz, Vice President and Principal Analyst at Forrester, shared the results of the Forrester survey on “Best Practices in SharePoint 2010 Adoption and Migration.” The crowd was near capacity, and full of questions about the various data points, and some of Forrester’s qualitative input. The following is a synopsis of the session, with some of my own feedback on the numbers from their survey of just under 1,000 SharePoint 2010 customers, the Forrester interpretation of the data, and my thoughts on where there may be room for additional research and investigation. Continue reading this entry »

SharePoint Security Challenges; Microsoft Blocks Google’s Chrome; the Pros and Cons of Office 365

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SharePoint Daily LogoWow! Even though Microsoft did an incredible job with SPC 2011 I am glad that we have a year until the next one. I’m not sure my feet could take another event like that too soon.   — Dooley

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6 SharePoint Security Challenges (InformationWeek)
How many businesses consider security when implementing Microsoft SharePoint? The question is pertinent because the collaboration, file-sharing, and website-building platform is widely used. According to 2009 sales figures, SharePoint already had more than 100 million licensed users and generated $1.3 billion in revenues per year. While Microsoft has yet to update those figures, earlier this year it claimed to be adding 20,000 new SharePoint users per day. Continue reading this entry »

SharePoint for Information Management; Value of Social Networking at Work; WP7 Apps to Run on Windows 8?

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SharePoint Daily LogoRain, rain, go away, come again some other day.  –Dooley

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Is SharePoint a Savior for Information Management? (CMSWire)
For years, the challenge with many information and content management systems has been the lack of discipline. I’m not referring to missing knowledge or processes but to the lack of control people have faced in keeping the scope of the effort under control. It is too easy to try and take full advantage of any product right out of the gate. In many ways, SharePoint might actually be a savior and help people to properly scope their initiatives. Continue reading this entry »

Tips for SP2010 Deployment & Configuration; Office 365 Marketplace and Azure; Lessons on Social Business

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5 Tips for SharePoint 2010 Deployment and Configuration (InfoWorld)
“Sixty-two percent of companies we recently surveyed said that SharePoint is going to be one of their top five business applications in the next two years,” says Brian Babineau, vice president of research and analyst services at Enterprise Strategy Group. As an administrator or IT decision maker, how ready are you to begin working with SharePoint within your environment? Whereas previous versions of SharePoint have focused on intranets, SharePoint 2010 is stable enough and polished enough for both intranet and Internet sites. Deploying such sites takes a bit more knowledge of a diverse set of Microsoft technologies, including Windows Server 2008 R2, .Net, IIS, SQL, and SharePoint. Here are five tips to help you get started. Continue reading this entry »

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