SharePoint is the New SAP; Office Server Prices Go Up Tomorrow; IE Haters are Sad

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SharePoint is the New SAP (CMSWire)
Let’s face it, no matter how you slice it, SharePoint has been a big success: for Microsoft (78 percent of enterprises currently running SharePoint according to AIIM), for end users (finally some technology they could relate to), and for the enterprise content management (ECM) community (at last, people were somewhat excited about what we do for a living).

SharePoint Emulators Simplifies Unit Testing (InfoQ)
Microsoft has announced the availability of Visual Studio 2012 SharePoint Emulators which provide a module of Microsoft Fakes based shims and implements the basic behaviours of the SharePoint 2010 server object model. In order to incorporate emulators into existing tests you should wrap the relevant code in a SharePointEmulationScope, which accepts EmulationMode enum as a parameter. It is enabled by default which in turn performs run time interception of all Microsoft.SharePoint.dll calls. Moreover, the relevant code will be automatically detoured at runtime and all calls against the Microsoft.SharePoint.dll assembly will be rerouted to the SharePoint emulators.

Open vs. Closed Systems: What the Future Holds (Tech.pinions)
Since the beginning of the personal computing era. there has been a struggle for dominance between open and closed systems. The early open CP/M computers gave way to the relatively closed Apple ][. The closed Mac was beaten by the open Microsoft/Intel PC. A few years ago, with the rise of mobile platforms, it looked like the closed model was achieving dominance. The closed BlackBerry and the rising iPhone were demolishing the open Windows Mobile. In traditional computers, the Mac was at long last gaining ground on Windows.

Microsoft to Raise Office Server Prices with New 2013 Releases (ZDNet)
December 1 is turning into a red-letter day for Microsoft customers, and not in a good way. Microsoft is increasing prices on User (not Device) client-access licenses as of December 1, as I blogged yesterday. But it looks like the Redmondians also will be raising prices on a number of Office server products compared to their predecessors on that date, as well.

Windows 8 Hasn’t Lifted U.S. Tablet or PC Sales, NPD Says (LA Times)
Microsoft Corp.’s new Windows 8 has not given a boost to U.S. sales of PCs and tablet computers, according to the NPD Group. Since the highly anticipated operating system was launched Oct. 26, Windows device sales have fallen 21% compared with the same period last year, the market research firm said.

Windows Blue Is Windows 8 Successor? Microsoft Mulls New Low Cost OS With Yearly Updates (International Business Times)
After the release of Windows 8 in October, Microsoft is working on a new operating system — Windows Blue, The Verge has reported. It appears that Blue is just a codename for the operating system that is scheduled to be released in mid-2013. There will be user interface changes and alterations to the platform and pricing.

Microsoft to IE Haters: You’re Sad (CNET)
If you despise Internet Explorer, you are a twerp. You are a sad, lonely doofus who sits alone, night after night, posting stupid, negative comments about a browser that is simply above your station. You are so truly, irredeemably pathetic that your greatest achievement is to have won a karaoke competition at your local bar in 2008.


Around the Blogosphere
October 2012 CU for SharePoint 2010 Has Been Released (Stefan Goßner)
The product group released the October 2012 Cumulative Update for the SharePoint 2010 product family. Be aware that the October Cumulative Update for SharePoint 2010 is a Post-SP1 hotfix. That means that you should ensure that SP1 is installed before the October CU.

SPC12: Day 3 – Summary of Creating Your Brand in SharePoint 2013 On-Premises or in the Cloud (EndUserSharePoint)
So, this is day 3 and I attend my first developer session (Creating a brand), looking forward to see how much developing it is, or if it is more of configuration. I’m sitting behind a Norwegian team called Evry, it’s easy to see as they have branded shirts on ;-) My question before this session starts is: will this be about themes or Design manager? (If it’s too much code, then I am screwed ;-) Phew, they say that it will not be that much code.

SPC12 Session: SPC025 – Bringing SharePoint to the Desktop (SharePointEduTech)
This was a very good, fast-paced session on how to bring SharePoint to the desktop. The key takeaways from this session is that putting your SharePoint data easily available on the desktop can be great for a number of scenarios. Imagine having a search category in the regular Windows8/WinRT sidebar for your intranet for example. Imagine having a tile display live task data. Imagine visualizations of data from SharePoint in any kind of graph or format. I think this is very powerful, and it seems rather easy to implement now that the experts have done the plumbing. Make way for the ideas!

Upgrading to a New Windows Phone 8 (SharePoint Dev Notes)
I’ve been very excited about the release of the Windows 8 ecosystem. Here is hoping the promise of a unified environment where my apps and files are quickly accessible anywhere, including my desktop, a tablet and my phone are about to be realized. This is a huge shift, and if Microsoft is able to pull it off, they will definitely become a player in the consumer’s eyes.

Use the Password Settings Object (PSO) in Bamboo Password Expiration 1.6 (The Bamboo Team Blog)
Are you enforcing expiration of Active Directory Service account passwords and, as a result, are finding that your external users are having difficulty logging into SharePoint due to expired passwords? If so, you can dramatically cut down on the overhead costs of troubleshooting login issues with Bamboo’s Password Expiration Web Part. Password Expiration Web Part provides an early warning system for SharePoint users when their password is about to expire.

Announcing Workflow Conductor 3.0 for SharePoint 2010 (The Bamboo Team Blog)
Who says that “the twos” have to be so “terrible”? We can look back pretty fondly on Workflow Conductor’s twos. We watched it grow up quite a bit over the last year, from version 2.0, to version 2.1, and finally version 2.5. Along the way, it picked some useful life skills, like sharing (of workflow templates), cleaning up after itself (with advanced error handling), and dealing with others (through user and group management features). Like any proud parent, we couldn’t be happier with what our little overachiever could do at two. That said, we’re even more excited to see what three brings, which is why we’re happy to announce that Workflow Conductor has just turned 3.0!

Save $500 on Your SPTechCon Registration (The Bamboo Team Blog)
Just one week remains to take advantage of the early-bird pricing for SPTechCon San Francisco.  By registering by December 7, you’ll save a whopping $500 on the cost of registration for the three-day event, plus an additional full day of pre-conference workshops.


SharePoint Job Listings*
Sr. SharePoint Systems Administrator – Washington, DC
The bank requires the services of a consultant to be the Infrastructure and Application Architect for the Executive Group (EG) SharePoint 2010 Infrastructure.  SharePoint Architect will work as part of Team within to support the current and planned information systems, architect SharePoint based solutions, and implement necessary systems to support the Board and Senior Management.

Technical Specialist II SharePoint – Services – San Francisco, CA
Technical Specialists are the technical evangelists for a particular technology or set of technologies within a solution area.  The Technical Specialist role will apply the necessary technical breadth to support sales teams in the pursuit of strategic opportunities within their solution area.  In addition, the Technical Specialist role fosters relationships within Microsoft SharePoint to position solutions and services as industry leading within their specific solution area.


Microsoft Updates
What’s New with SharePoint Tools for Visual Studio 2012 (Microsoft)
In this interview, Xiaoying Guo, a Program Manager on the SharePoint tools team, shows us some of the new tools in Visual Studio for developing SharePoint 2010 & 2013 Apps and solutions. New tools include building Visual Web Parts for sandbox solutions, remote deployment of packages, and a list designer as well as new templates for building SharePoint 2013 apps. I’m a newbie to the new apps model, but Xiaoying helps me understand the differences as well as the flexibility this new model brings.


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