Managing SharePoint 2010 with 2013 in Mind; Apple Losing the Enterprise; Enterprise Collaboration Moves Beyond Social

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SharePoint 2013 Preview Summary – Managing Your Current SharePoint 2010 Initiative with 2013 in Mind (AIIM)
With the SharePoint Server 2013 Preview being released yesterday there are a lot of organizations who are currently involved in large SharePoint 2010 deployments who are wondering how best they can adjust or minimize any system architecture or information architecture changes as well as governance updates to their current initiative. I have had the pleasure of being able to test SharePoint Server 2013 for about the past year and with the preview and public information becoming available I wanted to put together this article to cover some of the major changes that are coming with SharePoint Server 2013 (also SharePoint Foundation 2013) and things for you to think about in your current or planned SharePoint 2010 implementation.

SharePoint 2013 Public Beta Hits the Streets, Have You Downloaded Already? (CMSWire)
Last night the world was abuzz with the news of SharePoint 2013 — yep, that’s Microsoft’s official name for the newest version of the SharePoint platform. But what’s in a name really? It’s what’s inside that counts, right? Let’s take a minute and skim the surface before all the partners start distributing their news.

Microsoft’s ‘Napa': Tools for Building Apps for the New Office, SharePoint (ZDNet)
The Office 365 development tools (Napa) are designed to accommodate the “new Cloud App Model” in the more cloud-centric Office 15 wave of products, according to a new blog post from Microsoft Corporate Vice President Jason Zander. This new model allows apps to be hosted on SharePoint, Windows Azure Web sites or a user’s own server. The new Office apps and add-ins — which are codenamed “Agaves” — can be hosted in the cloud and/or published and sold through the new Office Store. Enterprise IT users also can be privately distribute Napa-developed apps via an internal App Catalog, Zander noted.

Why Microsoft Office 2013’s Cloud-based Strategy Falls Short…and How to Fix It (ComputerWorld)
Microsoft has been promoting Office 2013’s cloud prowess, but the truth is, Office falls short when it comes to working with the cloud. Here’s why, along with a free, easy way you can fix it yourself. In Microsoft’s Office blog today, John Jendrezak, Microsoft Partner Group Program Manager points out all the ways in which the new Office was built for the cloud. He cites the ability to save to Microsoft’s cloud-based SkyDrive storage service, that Office remembers your settings no matter which device you use, and that Office remembers where you last in a document, no matter where you read it, among other features.

Office 2013: What We Still Don’t Know (PCWorld)
We know that Microsoft Office 2013 emphasizes cloud integration with new Office 365 subscriptions for home users, a greater focus on touchscreens, and Office on Demand virtualization, but what about the things we don’t know? Microsoft is keeping quiet about several key issues, including pricing, release dates, and whether the software giant will be including Android and iOS devices in its Office 2013 rollout.

Enterprise Collaboration Tools Move Beyond Social Media Toys (SearchConsumerization)
Social collaboration tools for enterprises were acquired faster than you could tweet about it during the first half of 2012, and more companies have begun to realize their business value. Recently, Oracle Corp. acquired Involver Inc., a software vendor founded in 2007 that lets non-technical users build corporate Facebook pages and create other social media presences. It was Oracle’s third social collaboration tool purchase in 2012, and follows a wave of similar purchases from and Microsoft, which spent $1.2 billion to acquire Yammer in mid-June.

Microsoft to Apple: You Will Lose In The Enterprise (Forbes)
Apple’s Enterprise torch just dimmed a bit and Microsoft is to blame. That’s not good news for Apple shareholders. Apple had the chance to define the future workplace, but have been largely silent on the issue. Here’s why: Apple has surprisingly little enterprise experience in the company despite its mobile device dominance in the workplace.  That’s left CIOs scrambling to devise their own device policy and an opening for Microsoft to bring clarity to it. Apple is officially in danger of losing their enterprise foothold. Ouch!

Intel Says 20 Atom Windows 8 Tablets in the Works (Know Your Mobile)
Intel has revealed that there are currently 20 tablet devices in development running Microsoft’s Windows 8 platform on the company’s Atom ‘Clover Trail’ system-on-chip (SOC). Chief executive of Intel, Paul Otellini, hosted an investor call during which he announced the number of Windows 8 devices currently being created using its hardware architecture.


Around the Blogosphere
The New SharePoint (Microsoft SharePoint Team Blog)
It has never been clearer how important simple but powerful collaboration tools are to the success of organizations of all sizes. This has driven our vision since the beginning and we are profoundly thankful for your support growing SharePoint as the leading collaboration platform for over 135 million people and 4000 partners delivering innovative solutions. The SharePoint team has always been incredibly passionate about leapfrogging expectations and today we’re excited to announce the preview of the next version of SharePoint.

SharePoint 2013 Preview – First Look – SharePoint…Went Metro. (Geoff Varosky’s Blog)
While playing around with a cloudshare 2013 Preview environment, the first thing we see is Central Administration when we log in to this pre-configured environment. First things first – SharePoint went Metro. Sure it is not all tiles, but the theme definitely went that direction. The CA quick launch menu and action groups are exactly the same as SharePoint 2010 – so no new big changes there.

Understanding SharePoint 2013 Apps (aka: Apps 101) (Andrew Connell)
SharePoint 2013 introduces this new development opportunity called the SharePoint App Model. My goal in this post is to give you a crash course on what they are and when they make sense. Before I go too far, let me state a few things:

SharePoint 2013 System Requirements: The Real Story (And They’re Out Of This World) (Furuknap’s SharePoint Corner)
OK, I know I’ve promised to be quiet and let the NDA-bound community have and enjoy their first taste of freedom, but this is so serious I have to breach radio silence. Yes, you will want to sit down for this one. Also, please do not read on if you have an existing heart condition. Always consult your physician before undertaking activities that will put a strain on your heart, and so on.

Site Web Analytics in SharePoint 2010 Part 2, in Which We See Actual Analytics Data (SharePoint Blank)
Sorry I left you hanging last week, gang.  A mid-week holiday on the Fourth, followed by my decision to “take the Fifth” (as a birthday present to myself), and then playing catch-up on various fronts led to my losing the time necessary to assemble a SharePoint Blank post.  Let’s pick up (sort of) where we left off though, with my discovery that my SharePoint 2010 team site hadn’t been provisioned for Web Analytics.

User’s Guide to Time Tracking and Management for SharePoint 2010, Part 3: Approving and Rejecting Timesheets (The Bamboo Team Blog)
Following on from part two of our User’s Guide to Time Tracking and Management for SharePoint 2010, we’re going to pick up right where we left off, moving on to… b. Approving and Rejecting Timesheets:


SharePoint Job Listings*
SharePoint Administrator – Jersey City, NJ
Job Duties & Responsibilities: The SharePoint administrator/developer will participate in the development, administration and integration efforts of enterprise solutions involving Portals, Enterprise Search, Enterprise Content Management (ECM), Business Process and Forms utilizing Microsoft SharePoint Server 2010 and Visual Studio 2008/.NET 3.5. The resource will work closely with multiple groups such as Infrastructure, QA, Corporate Communications, and various internal groups as the SharePoint environment expands.

SharePoint Developer and Administrator – Springfield, VA
Work with the knowledge management team and receive direction from the system architect to gather and deliver SharePoint-based capabilities to bring forth seamless collaboration within the Defense Threat Reduction Agency (DTRA) and Cooperative Threat Reduction (CTR) program. Conduct frequent client engagements to gather requirements and train clients in the use of the new capability being fielded. Design and develop solutions using SharePoint Designer or for more complicated requirements, use a .Net framework. Work within various domains and abide by DoD CYBERCOM and DTRA CIO directives and guidelines.


Microsoft Updates
Vehicle Manufacturer Propels Customer Engagement with Digital Marketing Solutions (Microsoft)
Polaris Industries, a maker of recreational vehicles, wanted to better engage with customers to generate higher sales and revenues. The company implemented a solution that takes advantage of the Microsoft SharePoint Server 2010 digital marketing platform along with technologies from Webtrends and GNet Group. Now, Polaris marketers use web-based dashboards to gauge the effectiveness of their marketing strategies. The solution integrates data from numerous channels to provide insights about the performance of each Polaris brand’s effectiveness in reaching consumers—much faster than before. For instance, Polaris produces real-time reports to measure engagement on its website and in other channels to improve engagement and optimize its marketing investments. Since implementing the solution, Polaris has achieved a double-digit reduction in “bounce rate” and cost-per-visit for its online ads.


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