Considering Migrating to SharePoint Online?; Flash Lives in IE10; MS Office Headed to iPad?

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4 Considerations for Migrating to Office 365 and SharePoint Online (CMSWire)
The move to Office 365 — and SharePoint online — is getting more attractive every day. The functionality is there, the price is just about right, so why not? If you are considering a move to the cloud-based version of SharePoint, there are a few things you should consider in your migration planning.

Comparative Review: SharePoint Management and Diagnostic Tools (WindowsITPro)
There are many tools in the marketplace that you can use to monitor Microsoft SharePoint, from free tools to home-grown solutions to comprehensive application suites. With all these choices laid out before you, it can be tough to perform a full-blown comparison of all tools. Therefore, I’ll provide my opinion about the various features available in products that I’ve recently investigated. In this roundup, I’ll discuss four products:

Microsoft to Battle Amazon with Azure Improvements and Services (SearchCloudComputing)
In a move to better compete with Amazon Web Services, Microsoft will roll out new Windows Azure cloud services early next month. Some features will make it easier to move legacy workloads to the cloud and make it cheaper to publish websites on Azure. The announcement will come at an event on June 7 in San Francisco headlined “Meet Windows Azure.” Microsoft plans to announce at least two new capabilities for Azure at the event.

Microsoft Office for iPad and Android Tablets may be Coming in November (ZDNet)
In the past I wrote a couple of articles on using 3rd party applications on the iPad for word processing, spreadsheets, and presentations and as you can see there are some very compelling applications available right now. However, people seem to still want the full native Microsoft Office suite on their tablets and according to BGR Office for the iPad and Android tablets may be launching in November of this year.

Microsoft Gives Flash a Reprieve in IE10 (CNET)
It appears that ditching Adobe System’ Flash Player wasn’t as easy as Microsoft thought earlier this year. Because screenshots from WinUnleaked show the browser plug-in working even in the Metro version of IE10 where Microsoft had earlier said plug-ins would be barred. Microsoft and Adobe declined to comment for this story. But a source familiar with the plans said IE10 will build in a version of Flash Player optimized for Windows 8 matters such as touch-screen interfaces, power consumption, and security.

Will Windows Phone’s Bumpy Start Eventually Lead to Success? (ZDNet)
If there’s one thing for which Microsoft has been criticized lately, it is its current market presence in the mobile market. Everybody who has ever used a Windows Phone 7 handset will tell you that the best way to sell one is to actually handle one. This is, unfortunately, a major problem for Microsoft and its OEM partners, which have been historically inept at properly marketing any of the company’s consumer products besides the Xbox-branded hardware and services.

A Guide to Microsoft’s New Social Network (MSN)
In the aftermath of Facebook’s IPO, Microsoft quietly launched its own experimental social network called “” (which it insists is pronounced “social,” defying phonetic reason) over the weekend. The software giant calls it an “experiment in open search,” and intends the service to supplement existing social networks rather than replace them. What does that even mean?  (Microsoft owns and publishes TechBiz, an MSN Money site.)


Around the Blogosphere
Use SharePoint on an iPad (EndUserSharePoint)
A common question I get from clients is “what is the experience of using SharePoint on an iPad?”. So I decided to write a blog post on that very topic. I recently purchased an iPad and was curious as to how I could use this device to work with SharePoint. That being said, my main computers are still PC’s and I use a Windows Phone, but as a person who works in technology it’s difficult to ignore the iPad as a device since it is getting a lot of buy in not just in the consumer space but also in the enterprise. What I found is that you can actually get by with an iPad, and while the experience isn’t as elegant and integrated as it is on Windows Phone, I was still able to use most of the functions of SharePoint.

SharePoint: PowerShell for Developers – Part 1 (SharePointDevWiki)
This is the first of a series of articles looking at PowerShell and in particular showing some of the ways in which we can use PowerShell and extend it. For the most part I’m going to be focusing on how PowerShell can be used with SharePoint, but most of the concepts are the same no matter what you’re trying to script. Also, if you’re looking for a guide to some of the out of the box, then I’m afraid this series won’t spend a lot of time looking at them in any detail.

SharePoint 2007 Full Crawl Schedule Failing (SharePoint Blog)
So one of the members of support came over to discuss one of our managed service clients and their SharePoint 2007 implementation yesterday. Now this client uses document management in a big way with a full crawl index taking approximately 40 hours to run. So understandably it is scheduled to run once a week over the weekend with incremental crawls scheduled every 20 minutes or so to bring new files into the search results.


SharePoint Job Listings*
SharePoint Admin – Baltimore, MD
Individual will be responsible with assisting in the analysis and maintenance of SharePoint sites (including wikis) and act as a back-up web site administrator. This will require an understanding of how to create and use libraries and lists, versioning concepts, site types, user administration, groups, and permissions in SharePoint.  The individual will also be responsible for web site development, specifically using HTML, XHTML, and CSS. The ideal candidate will have a technical background in SharePoint and be able to code in HTML, XHTML, and CSS with a basic understanding of web server configuration and administration.

SharePoint Developer – Arlington, VA
The employee will provide expertise, technical support, design, development and documentation for the various web site projects the Office of the Chief Knowledge Officer (OCKO) will deliver including, but not limited to, the Knowledge Tab and any pages associated with it. The project consists of designing/developing web pages including graphics, informational content and interactive user functionality as depicted in section 4.0. The skill sets that shall be required are .NET, Web Design using adobe software, HTML, CSS, SharePoint, C#, JavaScript, XML, SQL, Database Design, etc.


Microsoft Updates
National Careers Service Website on Track to Meet the Needs of 20 Million Citizens (Microsoft Case Studies)
The National Careers Service for England is a United Kingdom (U.K.) government initiative. The Skills Funding Agency is responsible for developing the service, built around an interactive learning and careers website. Working with Microsoft Services and using Microsoft SharePoint Server 2010 communications and collaboration software, the agency is confident that its site meets government expectations and the needs of 20 million users.


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