Governance & Strategy Key to SharePoint Deployment; Office 365 for Project Collaboration; Microsoft Anti-iPad Strategy

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Gartner: Governance and Strategy Key to SharePoint Deployments (RedmondMag)
Gartner recently offered some tips on deploying Microsoft SharePoint, which requires lots of team effort and coordination, according to the analyst and consulting firm. Organizations will need to have their governance and strategy plans locked down before proceeding with a SharePoint deployment, according to Mark R. Gilbert, research vice president and lead analyst on SharePoint at Gartner. He gave a Webinar talk on the topic of “Making Microsoft SharePoint Deliver” on April 18. Brings SharePoint Collaboration To iPad (InformationWeek) wants to turn Microsoft SharePoint into a collaboration tool you can hold in your hands. Best known for its social collaboration SharePoint plugin for Outlook, which makes a feed of SharePoint updates available as a sidebar to email collaboration, now wants to do something similar for the iPad. “It’s definitely the same concept, but adapted to the platform,” said Yaacov Cohen, CEO of

Video Blog: Leveraging Office 365 for Project Collaboration – Create Visual Reports with Dashboard (CMSWire)
Dashboards are a pretty hot topic these days in online applications. Dashboards let you place frequently accessed information all on one single page and lend themselves particularly well to placing graphical info about your project in one place where it affords your team and senior stakeholders the ability to grab visual info quickly.

Windows 8 Privacy Worry Overblown, says Microsoft Analyst (CSO)
It sounds like a privacy hole big enough for a truckload of your personal information to be leaked to the world, but experts say a recently disclosed Windows 8 privacy issue is really a non-issue. Microsoft’s Windows 8, which connects its users with networks including Facebook, Flickr, Twitter, LinkedIn, Hotmail, Gmail, Exchange leaves a “lingering cache of automatically collected contacts [that] are stored unencrypted on a Windows 8 client,” InfoWorld’s Woody Leonhard reports this week.

Upcoming Windows Phone Developer Conference Reveals Apollo Info (WPCentral)
Back in January, we brought you the news of the first independent Windows Phone developer conference not sponsored by Microsoft called WP DevCon occurring October 22-24th in Burlingame, CA. The listing and descriptions of the classes being offered during the conference have been released and interestingly enough, there’s a whole class on Windows Phone Apollo development. Seeing as the classes are in late October, perhaps we shouldn’t be shocked that Windows Phone 8 will be discussed at length during such an event. But what makes it interesting is some of the details revealed.

Why Microsoft’s Anti-iPad Strategy will Backfire (InfoWorld)
When Steve Jobs came back to run Apple in summer 1997, he famously told Apple’s Mac fans “we need to get away from this notion that for Apple to win, Microsoft has to lose.” He then announced a $150 million investment in the then-struggling Apple by Microsoft — with Bill Gates joining the Macworld Expo announcement via satellite — and a commitment by Microsoft to keep Office for Mac on the market and at parity with the Windows version. That investment went a long way toward calming investor fears and set the stage for Jobs and team to reinvent and reinvigorate the Mac, then create the iPod, the iPhone, and the iPad over the next decade.


Around the Blogosphere
SharePoint: Advantages and Disadvantages of the Client Object Model (SharePointDevWiki)
I have implemented the Client Object Model (COM) extensively in Silverlight as well as in ECMAScript. I’ve failed many times in accomplishing certain tasks and succeeded many times too. You may love or hate COM but you cannot ignore it if you are a SharePoint 2010 developer. So, I’m going to list the advantages and disadvantages of COM that I have faced while implementing it. Let’s look at the advantages first.

Netcast 117 – No SQL for Old SharePoint (Todd Klindt’s SharePoint Admin Blog )
Tonight’s netcast is chock full of meaty SharePointy goodness. I talk about a tool that can be used to migrate SQL Server Reporting Services. I also tell everyone about the April CU and remind folks to be careful. I break the news to SharePoint 2007 admins about SQL 2012 support, or lack thereof. Plus even more good SharePoint information.

SharePoint: Learn to Brand from the Start (Part 2) (EndUserSharePoint)
Small Beginnings: I set myself on a quest to change the Global Navigation or Top Links Bar of my SharePoint 2010 Team Site. That is the horizontal bar at the top of your SharePoint where new sites you create typically go. Like any good SharePoint branding beginner, I started by looking online for help and searched popular books about branding. The first book I read started talking about Master Pages, Page Layouts and other concepts, this is way too complex – I need something for a beginner. Online documentation was the same with articles like “Edit your Master Page to add a Megadropdown menu with jquery”.

Troubleshooting SharePoint’s Page Output Caching (
As a follow up to my previous post “When Page Output Caching Does Not Output” I have recorded a video which actually walks you through the steps and issues which I documented in this previous post. So for those of you whom don’t like to read all that much you may watch this video and/or refer back to my previous post on the same subject.


SharePoint Job Listings*
Support Technician – Reston, VA
Bamboo Solutions is the leading provider of technologies that augment the Microsoft SharePoint platform. We offer more than 70 products providing a broad range of enhanced capabilities for the SharePoint environment. To date, over 8,000 organizations world-wide have chosen to enhance their SharePoint deployment by taking advantage of the functionality and quality that Bamboo products provide. This is a full-time, junior position, reporting to the Manager of Customer Support, with the opportunity to advance as the company grows.

Director – Microsoft Alliance – Denver, CO or Redmond/Seattle, WA
NewsGator (Microsoft’s 2011 U.S. Partner of the Year) is seeking a driven and results-oriented individual to help us grow and expand our highly successful Microsoft partnership. The Director – Microsoft Alliance will manage NewsGator’s global Microsoft partnership with responsibility for strategic direction, co-marketing efforts, field engagement, product marketing activities, and partner program requirements. The Director will report to the VP-Microsoft Alliance and assist with maintaining NewsGator’s ‘depth-managed’ Microsoft partnership status while working to expand the depth and breadth of the partnership across Microsoft’s international subsidiaries.


Microsoft Updates
Importing SharePoint 2010 Site Definitions in Visual Studio 2010 (MSDN)
Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 provides a project type that enables you to import a site definition and add code. You can then deploy this site definition to the SharePoint Solutions Gallery and create new sites based on the site definition.


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