Huddle Challenges SharePoint; Enterprise Mobile Device Security; Office for iPad? Maybe Not

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Top News Stories
Huddle Launches Intelligent Sync Tool to Rival SharePoint (TechWorld)
British cloud-based content collaboration firm Huddle has launched a private beta programme for its new intelligent file synchronisation tool, which the company describes as a Dropbox for the enterprise. The new patent-pending technology allows everyone in an organisation to securely access company files, and intelligently syncs relevant documents onto their desktop and mobile devices using algorithms linked to workers’ actions in Huddle. This means that workers can access the files they need without consuming large amounts of bandwidth.

Simple Naming Conventions that Improve End User Experience in SharePoint Sites (NetworkWorld)
Inspired by a great blog post by Veronique Palmer about removing %20’s from your SharePoint URL’s, I’ve decided to document some additional naming convention best practices that improve the user experience for SharePoint end users and power users alike. The tips are grouped by permissions because not every user has the power to apply these best practices.

Google, Microsoft Butt Heads Over IE Privacy Skirting (ComputerWorld)
Google yesterday countered Microsoft’s contention that it’s skirting Internet Explorer’s privacy protection, saying it’s “impractical” to comply with IE’s rules. One privacy researcher said there was enough blame to apportion to both Google and Microsoft. The latest dustup over Google’s privacy practices began early Monday, when Microsoft’s top executive for IE accused Google of circumventing the browser’s default privacy defense so that Google’s ad network could track IE users’ online movements without their permission.

7 Ways To Toughen Enterprise Mobile Device Security (InformationWeek)
What’s the best way to secure mobile devices used in the enterprise? Start by realizing that employee-owned mobile devices, in the wrong hands, could provide anytime, anywhere access to corporate secrets. Accordingly, they must be secured, and your business secured against their potential misuse.

Windows 8 vs. OS X Mountain Lion, A Desktop or Mobile Battle? (CMSWire)
Apple has been fighting Google’s Android for so long, we’d almost forgotten what a good Microsoft vs. Apple battle felt like. But this one will be a little different as both operating systems aim to tie in their mobile OS features to the desktop.

Microsoft Office to Become Available on Apple’s IPad? Don’t Believe the Hype (CIO)
Microsoft now denies it will release Microsoft Office for the Apple iPad, despite a recent screenshot and report from The Daily. A Microsoft spokesperson told the New York Times: “The Daily story is based on inaccurate rumors and speculation. We have no further comment.” She added that an image with The Daily’s article depicting an Office product for iPad was “… not Microsoft’s software,” she said. As PC World’s Ian Paul notes, Microsoft has been slow to release the Word, Excel, and PowerPoint suite on non-Windows platforms. Based on comments, our readers would love to get Office on the iPad, but there are a couple reasons why we should chalk this situation up to wishful thinking.

Around the Blogosphere
SharePoint Gone Wild: When Governance Lacks Accountability (EndUserSharePoint)
In a recent webinar entitled ‘Business Drivers and Checklists for Successful SharePoint Governance’, Randy Williams, SharePoint MVP and AvePoint Enterprise Trainer & Evangelist, and I discussed the business drivers that come from individuals outside the IT department for SharePoint as a service within an organization. These drivers often result in policies being defined to set the expectation with the business and to focus alignment with the IT department.

SharePoint and Content Deduplication (rafelo)
Let me start off by saying that in this short posting, I don’t intend to provide or discuss any solutions, that specifically address de-duplication of content in SharePoint. But rather explore the idea, that duplication of content is often mistaken for a problem its not, and that while de-duplication may seem like the most logical solution; it may really cause more problems than it solves. I believe that when the topic of duplicate content comes up it generally revolves around content discovery, primarily the impact that duplicate content has on search results. While duplicate content is quickly pegged as the culprit, it’s really more of a discoverability issue around authorative content. Removing duplicate content may not really be the solution, but perhaps effectively surfacing authorative content by reconfiguring search result page(s), fine tuning your search configuration, and doing a better job leveraging refiners and scopes.

Asked, Answered and Counted (AIIM)
A few minutes ago, one of my coworkers stopped in to ask a question that pretty much made my day. The question was simple, “how do I share something I created on My Site with others in my department?” In addition to the two immediate signs of adoption in that sentence: 1) he created 2) he wants to share; the conversations that led up to this question all point to a growing acceptance of SharePoint among this department. That’s a good sign, and I decided that since I am fighting off a cold and an aching neck, it’s a good thing to blog about.

Sarah Haase on Turning SharePoint Chaos to Clarity (The MOSS Show SharePoint Podcast)
In this final episode running up to the Share Conference, Sarah Haase describes an enterprise librarian and also outlines some of what she’ll be discussing at the conference, including how to deal with a large-scale SharePoint installation that’s gone viral and gotten out of hand.

Great New Year! Great SharePoint Saturday Vietnam! (The Bamboo Team Blog)
After the long Tet holidays here in Vietnam to celebrate the new year, the momentous Year of the Dragon, SharePoint Saturday Vietnam is back. As usual, Bamboo Solutions is proud to be the key sponsor of SharePoint Saturday Vietnam, and to send a speaker to the event as well. Luckily, it was a nice sunny day for the event on Saturday, even though there was a tropical depression in Vietnam on Saturday, our first tropical depression of the year . This continues the streak of good weather for SharePoint Saturday Vietnam, as it was also sunny for the three previous events.  I entered the event conference room early to setup the Bamboo desk (the organizing team provides sponsors a desk where attendees can find information about the sponsor), and everything looked great – we were ready for another SharePoint Saturday Vietnam.


SharePoint Job Listings*
SharePoint Content Administrator – Hillsboro, Oregon
Responsibilities for this position include working within SharePoint creating permissions, creating and editing collaborative documents, data entry forms, work flows and processes, managing meta data, data extraction, and reports. This individual will also need to learn the corporate course management system (learning the on-line system parameters and settings etc.), learning how to setup courses, book rooms and instructors plus a great deal of problem solving (How to archive data, how to map to remote drives across the network, dealing with Instructors not showing up to classes, missing materials, rooms locked when class is supposed to start etc.).

Business Systems Analyst – Boston, MA
The Business Systems Analyst will work with the Records and Information Management (RIM) group on a Proof of Concept and Pilot in support of implementing SharePoint 2010 as the enterprise tool for general purpose document management with information lifecycle and security capabilities that meet the business and technical requirements.


Microsoft Updates
Building SharePoint Applications with InfoPath 2010 (Part 2 of 2) (MSDN)
Now that you are familiar with some best practices in creating a SharePoint application that uses InfoPath 2010, it is time to apply what you have learned. This section is a walkthrough for a simple hardware request solution. In this scenario, the user fills out a request for one or more hardware components. The form template that is used identifies the requestor and an approver. By default, the approver is the requestor’s manager. However, the requestor can select a different approver if they know that the manager will be unavailable. The requestor submits the form, which then triggers a workflow. In turn, the workflow notifies the approver that a new hardware request was submitted. For this walkthrough, you will design a form template, publish the template to a SharePoint Server, and then build a SharePoint Designer workflow that notifies the approver accordingly.


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