SharePoint for Information Management; Value of Social Networking at Work; WP7 Apps to Run on Windows 8?

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Is SharePoint a Savior for Information Management? (CMSWire)
For years, the challenge with many information and content management systems has been the lack of discipline. I’m not referring to missing knowledge or processes but to the lack of control people have faced in keeping the scope of the effort under control. It is too easy to try and take full advantage of any product right out of the gate. In many ways, SharePoint might actually be a savior and help people to properly scope their initiatives.

The True Value of Social Networking at Work (InfoWorld)
“Get back to work!” It’s the battle cry of the hard-nosed, get-it-done, productivity-focused manager. It was also the battle cry of my colleague J. Peter Bruzzese in a recent post, “If you must have in-house social tools, go with SharePoint,” where he questioned the wisdom of encouraging employees to electronically socially network, when really they should be focusing on the work at hand instead. One question, and it’s key: In 2011, what constitutes work?

Heading Into BUILD, What We Know About Windows 8 (WindowsITPro)
Next week, Microsoft will host its inaugural BUILD conference, an amalgamation of previous Microsoft conferences such as PDC (Professional Developers Conference), WinHEC (Windows Hardware Engineering Conference), and MIX (which typically targets web and phone developers). But unlike those other shows, BUILD is owned and run by the Windows Division at Microsoft, and it has only one aim: To reveal Windows 8 to the world.

Microsoft Ramps Up Google Challenge in $12 Billion Display-Ad Market: Tech (Bloomberg)
Microsoft Corp., the largest software maker, is adding features to its Internet display- advertising products to keep from losing customers to Google Inc. and Facebook Inc. in the $12.3 billion U.S. market. Microsoft is unveiling tools and partnerships with AppNexus Inc. and MediaMath this month designed to help customers more effectively tailor ads and measure their impact. Sales of graphical display ads, including banners and videos, are poised to climb 25 percent in the U.S. this year.

Nvidia CEO Claims Windows Phone 7 Apps will Run on Windows 8 (WinRumors)
Nvidia CEO Jen-Hsun Huang believes Windows Phone 7 apps will run on Windows 8. Huang made the claims in an interview with CNET on Tuesday. The Nvidia boss explained that his company is one of the only serious providers of chips to consumer electronics manufacturers. “We’re the only person actively on the dance floor with Qualcomm,” he said. Huang also discussed the importance of mobile. “If you don’t have a mobile strategy, you’re in deep turd,” Huang said. “If you’re not in mobile processors now, you’re seven years too late.”

Boeing Uses Windows Azure to Build Virtual Aircraft in the Cloud (MarketWatch)
Boeing today introduced the 737 Explained, a virtual model of the Boeing 737 generated from thousands of high-resolution photographs that create an immersive 3-D-like model. Built on the Windows Azure platform, 737 Explained will provide prospective customers with an innovative, compelling way to view and understand the aircraft without standing next to one.


Around the Blogosphere
No Guys, It’s IT vs. End-User (AIIM)
Everyone enjoys a little argument and no more so than in the technology industries.  We love to talk about which technology is better, which are the right methods, and which future concept will be a winning reality.  Most recently, and on the AIIM blog especially, the leading arguments have been around Cloud vs. On-Prem, SharePoint vs. Non-SharePoint, Ease-of-Use vs. Professional Services.  Usually when there is an argument, I quickly pick a side and start throwing punches.  However, I’ve realized that we are ALL WRONG! Not only are our points completely wrong, we are arguing the wrong thing.  Is the contention really SharePoint vs. or Mobile Capture vs. Document Scanners or Cloud vs. Physical Hardware? Not really.  The really contention lies between IT and End-Users.

Chris Riley – Guest Blogger – 7 Things You Need to Know About ECM in SharePoint – Part 1 (Offline SharePoint)
I’m really pleased to have Chris Riley participate as a guest contributor to the Colligo blog.  Chris (@HoardingInfo) is a pure technologist and recognized industry expert in SharePoint ECM, SharePoint Governance, SharePoint Information Architecture, Document Imaging, Analytics, and Cloud Virtualization. He’s also the Product Manager and Evangelist at CloudShare, a cloud computing company with extensive expertise in SharePoint. And with that brief introduction, I’ll turn the blog over to Chris. Thanks Barry and thanks for being invited to participate in the Colligo blog. I’m always happy to talk about important SharePoint issues, especially issues related to deploying SharePoint as an ECM.

Office 365 vs. Google Apps vs. HyperOffice vs. Zoho: Battle of the Online Collaboration Suites (EndUserSharePoint)
Last week, Alpesh Nakar published a review of Office 365 in which he asserted that “there is no competition for Office 365. Simply nothing.” Sweeping statements like that are catnip to this crochety blogger, so I decided to play devil’s advocate and say: there are a number cloud-based collaboration suites, and presumably most of them have some advantages and some disadvantages over Microsoft’s version.


SharePoint Job Listings*
SharePoint Developer – Harrisburg, Pennsylvania
Work with BCEL to understand and create a SharePoint Intranet site per their requirements as well as a performance point environment. This person will do it all, the entire SDLC for a fast pace implementation of a SharePoint site to meet the requirements of BCEL. This site will incorporate InfoPath forms, workflow, tasks, project timelines, performance point KPI implementation as well as all dashboards and heath monitoring of the bureau and all systems.

Sr. Software Developer / SharePoint – Washington, DC
We are currently seeking a SharePoint Developer to be involved in a variety of tasks related to the development, support and maintenance of the Firms’ SharePoint web properties. Development activities include the design of new sections of the integrated firm-wide Portal or stand-alone SharePoint sites, aggregation of content and applications into the Portal, and integration with other enterprise systems and/or 3rd party plug-ins. This position will also provide technical support for SharePoint end-users and other members of the IT support team. Most importantly is the ability to write custom Web Parts outside of SharePoint Designer, preferably within Visual Studio. To have the capability to compile those DLLs, create a SharePoint Solution Package (WSP) and integrate it into the existing SharePoint project having the ability to make calls to and from that Web Part.


Microsoft Updates
Plan for SharePoint Workspace 2010 (TechNet)
When you plan a Microsoft SharePoint Workspace 2010 deployment, consider your organization’s needs and objectives, especially in the context of the deployment options that are discussed here. The following references may also be helpful: For information about how to deploy SharePoint Workspace 2010 after planning your objectives, see Configure and customize SharePoint Workspace 2010. For information about how to deploy SharePoint Workspace 2010 for a Microsoft Groove Server-managed environment, see Deployment for Groove Server 2010.


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