Is the Legal Industry Ready for SharePoint?; Mobile Safety in the Cloud; Mango: Ripe or Rotten?

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Is the Legal Industry Ready for SharePoint? (CMSWire)
Or maybe the more appropriate question should be: is SharePoint ready for legal? The latter is one that I am constantly asked by my clients. Part of the problem in answering that question is that I tend to be a little biased toward SharePoint as the end all be all for an enterprise platform. I’ve built my career on working with SharePoint, and you could say that I’ve been drinking the Kool-Aid for a while now. But as a consultant, my job is not to tell you what the best product is; it’s to tell you what the best product is for your firm’s needs. But before we talk about feature comparison, let’s gain some perspective.

Mobilize Your Content & Collaboration Applications (ZDNet)
A quick reality check: our content & collaboration systems have been with us since we first put PCs on desktops. Today, these systems are pervasive in our workflow, our work lives, and our work cultures. Need proof? Here are some data from our recent survey of 4,985 US information workers:

Windows Phone ‘Mango': Ripe or Rotten? (InfoWorld)
As soon as September, we may see the first smartphones based on Microsoft’s Windows Phone 7.5 “Mango” release, the OS update with what CEO Steve Ballmer says has more than 500 new features. The first version of Windows Phone 7 had a compelling UI but fell far short of the iPhone and even Android devices in many areas critical to business users. It was a flop in the market, but Microsoft asked everyone to give it a second chance. “Mango” is that second chance, and Microsoft sent the final “reboot” OS to smartphone makers a month ago.

Is Your Mobile Data Safe in the Cloud? (Recombu)
You expect to always be connected on your phone or your tablet, so services like Flickr, Google Docs and iCloud (when it launches) for storing your photos, music and files in the cloud makes sense. It’s easier to send your photos to Flickr and Facebook than to prise open your phone and swap to a bigger memory card. You can see your images from your PC, if you lose or break your phone your files are safe – cloud seems like the ideal partner for mobile, and most of the time it is.

Microsoft Windows 8: Here’s What We Know So Far (PCWorld)
Details about Windows 8, Microsoft’s newest operating system expected in 2012, have been leaking out thanks largely to Microsoft previews and a stream of blog posts on the company’s Building Windows 8 blog. The new OS is said to be Microsoft’s biggest Windows refresh since Windows 95, when desktop PCs reigned supreme and most laptops cost nearly $3000. Now, Microsoft wants to update Windows for a consumer technology world that is obsessed with online services and touch-centric devices such as the iPad and Android smartphones.

With HP’s Decline, Should Microsoft Start Making Computers? (The Atlantic)
HP, the largest manufacturer of Windows-based computers, has recently stated that they’re considering getting out of manufacturing consumer PCs. They cited disruptions in the business caused by the iPad, which is stealing sales from the inexpensive netbooks and laptops that have been so popular in recent years. But of course there continues to be a huge demand for Windows-based PCs — the iPad is a disruption, not a death-knell. The problem is that price competition throughout the PC world has driven quality down, commoditizing the market and making it extremely difficult for manufacturers to make a profit.

The Growth of Social Media: An Infographic (Search Engine Journal)
Say what you will about the tidal wave that is social media: it’s over-hyped, a fad halfway through its 15 minutes, that <insert social network, platform, app> surely won’t be around in a few years’ time. But take a look below at the steep curve of the user growth rate in all age ranges and demographics, and the continuing pervasiveness of social networking into every facet of work, play and life in general. It’s hard to argue that social media hasn’t changed forever how we interact and connect online. See for yourself:


Around the Blogosphere
August 2011 CU for SharePoint 2007 has been Released (Stefan Goßner)
The product group released the August 2011 Cumulative Update for the SharePoint 2007 product family. August CU for SharePoint 2010 should be available in a couple of days. The KB articles are not yet available (as usual it will take a couple more days to get these through the required release process) but the fixes can already be downloaded.

Deleting Sites with SharePoint 2010 SP1 (AIIM)
Service Pack 1 for SharePoint 2010 (which can be found here add the functionality of being able to restore deleted sites from the recycle bin. This is a great thing that SharePoint has been needing for quite a while but if you don’t know it is there or how it functions it can cause you some grief. There are several things to know if you have this in place.

jQuery Mobile and SharePoint (SharePoint Dev Notes ~ Notes on SharePoint Development)
As an experiment, I decided to explore the use of jQuery mobile with SharePoint. My goal is to simply expose company news for as many mobile devices as possible in a single location. Like many organizations, our consulting firm delivers news internally via our intranet portal (based on SharePoint) and through public press releases available for anyone in the world.

Is it Healthy to use SharePoint to Store Safety and Compliance Training Records? Yes and No. (SharePoint and Assessment Blog)
When  delivering training for health and safety reasons or for compliance with regulations, it’s usual to document that people have been through training, so that if something goes wrong, you have proof of the training. To quote OSHA:  Documentation can also supply an answer to one of the first questions an accident investigator will ask: “Was the injured employee trained to do the job? SharePoint seems a reasonable place to store documentation of training, either to scan in any paper attendance or completion forms, or else if training is conducted online to use SharePoint list and record-keeping details to get the employee to confirm that they have received the training. If it’s stored in SharePoint, it will be retained with other data and accessible into the long term future, and so the initial answer to the question seems a “yes”.

SharePoint 2010 Enterprise Applications on Windows Phone 7 (SharePoint Joel’s SharePoint Land)
I just finished looking at the book focused on distilling enterprise expertise on building enterprise ready websites and apps built on SharePoint to be used by Windows Phone 7. Many dismiss SharePoint 2010 as a platform for mobile apps because of the initial browse by an iPhone where you get a pretty dumbed down experience. What you’ll ultimately find is SharePoint is really the ultimately platform build with a mobile SDK, mobile detection, and a rich experience especially when you get into the Office Hub where you have sync with SharePoint Workspace Mobile including rich mobile client apps like OneNote, Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. What might interest developers is the fact that building applications in the cloud or getting apps in the marketplace is fully possible, and underrated.

How Long is a Piece of SharePoint (Perspectives on SharePoint)
A frequent type of question asked on SharePoint courses goes something like this – How big should my content database be or how many web applications or how many site collections per application, how many servers do I need etc., etc.?  The answer of course is – It depends! You have to get the requirements and think through what it is you are trying to achieve. Document your existing network and server topology then sketch out what you think your solution will be. Check this against requirements and technical limitations and see if it fits. If not re-model and start again. Doing this up front on paper is big step forward before implementing test systems and running performance tests.


SharePoint Job Listings*
Senior Systems Engineer – Denver, Colorado
Provide technical implementation and configuration support for NewsGator product lines, including desktop products, Enterprise products, SharePoint solutions, web-based products, and NewsGator web services. This position is customer facing and requires frequent travel to / contact with NewsGator enterprise customers typically System Administrators, SharePoint Administrators, and IT function level management. Candidate must have strong technical background and deep consulting experience.

Analyst, Application Systems – SharePoint – Nashville, TN
Manage all SharePoint sites and related functions within BMI (124 as of June 2010) from technical upgrade path mapping through customer support and daily requests for research assistance. In addition, this position performs analytical functions as required to support the needs of the IT Applications SIR project backlog and will act as sole backup to the Director of Applications & Operations Lease Administration . The following job duties summarize this position.


Microsoft Updates
Plan for SharePoint Workspace 2010 (TechNet)
When you plan a Microsoft SharePoint Workspace 2010 deployment, consider your organization’s needs and objectives, especially in the context of the deployment options that are discussed here. The following references may also be helpful: For information about how to deploy SharePoint Workspace 2010 after planning your objectives, see Configure and customize SharePoint Workspace 2010. For information about how to deploy SharePoint Workspace 2010 for a Microsoft Groove Server-managed environment, see Deployment for Groove Server 2010.


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