SharePoint ECM on the Rise; Office 365 Launches; Windows 8 in April?

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SharePoint Daily LogoI hadn’t intended to make today an almost all Office 365 day, but every Microsoft related term I searched on pulled up Office 365 articles. Maybe I should change the site name to Office 365 Daily.  :-)  –Chris

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SharePoint 2010 Used Mainly for Collaboration; Enterprise Content Management to Grow, AIIM Says (CMSWire)
Like many, we have been following the evolution of SharePoint 2010 since its general release last year. Anecdotal accounts suggest widespread deployment and use across enterprises with further deployments on the way. A little over a year later, we still wonder whether it has lived up to its initial promise and what exactly it is being used for at the moment and where it will go in the future.

With Enterprise Social Software, Usability Matters More than Features (SearchUnifiedCommunications)
Your users’ love of Facebook and Twitter does not guarantee uptake of internal social networking tools. Unified communications (UC) and collaboration pros have learned the hard way that adoption of enterprise social software requires more than meeting a checklist of feature sets. The user experience and ease of use are what make or break deployment. For some UC pros, that means evaluating and testing a multitude of platforms to find the one that simply feels right. For others, customizing the social networking environment to suit employees’ professional interests and identities has given users more ownership over the platform and subsequently improved adoption.

Office 365 Vs. Google Apps: Top 10 Enterprise Concerns (InformationWeek)
The stakes could hardly be higher for Office 365, Microsoft’s next-generation productivity suite, launching Tuesday. Office 365 is a crucial part of Microsoft’s “all-in” gambit to be the service provider that helps small firms, midsize businesses, and large enterprises move toward cloud computing. The stakes are equally high for enterprise IT leaders deciding between Office 365 and archrival Google Apps for Business: Choose badly, and this cloud suite mistake could be hanging over your head for years.

Don’t be Fooled: Office 365 is Basically Useless on Mobile (InfoWorld)
The hype starts today, so watch out. Microsoft formally launched the long-promised Office 365 set of cloud services for using Microsoft Office, Exchange, Lync (for voice and video communications), and SharePoint in the cloud, available in a variety of subscription options. Even before the formal release today, Microsoft had been marketing Office 365 via emails advertising its capabilities. If you got that ad, you no doubt saw how iPhones, iPads, BlackBerrys, and Android devices (and Macs) were all noted as compatible in the sales pitch for Exchange capabilities. You then saw in the rest of the promo Microsoft touting the rest of Office 365’s features’ mobile compatibility.

25 Things Partners Should Know About Office 365 (Redmond Channel Partner)
Microsoft on Tuesday will launch Office 365. It’s a big deal for customers, but perhaps an even bigger deal for partners. Here are the key things every Microsoft partner should know about Office 365 as the service becomes available.

Why Choose Google Apps Over Office 365? Cost and Fun, Customer Says (PC Magazine)
Google fired a shot across Microsoft’s bow on Monday, posing some questions that Microsoft may have to respond to when it launches its Office 365 suite on Tuesday morning. One customer who chose Google Apps over Microsoft’s product also said he chose Google’s cloud offering for reasons of cost, simplicity, collaboration, and an odd fourth reason: fun.

Google Hits Out at Office 365 the Day Before Microsoft’s Launch (ZDNet)
June 28 is the launch of Microsoft’s Office 365, its Google Apps competitor and successor to Microsoft’s own Business Productivity Online Suite (BPOS) hosted app suite. The day before Microsoft’s official unveiling (and general availability kick off) for Office 365, Google went on the offensive with a blog post entitled “365 reasons to consider Google Apps.”

(Not so) Crazy Microsoft Rumors: Windows 8 to RTM in April 2012 (ZDNet)
It’s been a while since I blogged about another of my (not so) crazy Microsoft rumors. It’s also been a while since I’ve heard any kind of an update on Windows 8 timing. In that spirit — here’s the latest, plus the ground rules for those weighing how believable this information may or may not be.

Do No Evil: That Counts for the FTC as Well as Google (Forbes)
We’re of two minds about the Federal Trade Commission’s decision to open a wide-ranging antitrust investigation of Google. On the one hand (minds, hands…hey, at least we know we’re mixing metaphors), that’s the FTC’s job. Google is a very big, sometimes dominant, player in a lot of IT markets, so it’s important to deter behavior designed to prevent rivals from challenging Google’s top-dog status. On the other, antitrust policy is ill-prepared to regulate markets in an era in which economic growth – and consumer welfare – depend as much on innovation as on old-fashioned protection of market competition. And we’re afraid that antitrust scrutiny could push Google down the path trod by Microsoft a decade earlier.


Around the Blogosphere
Sandboxed Solutions: Introducing Tiers and Resource Points (To the SharePoint)
I recently updated our documentation about sandboxed solutions to include new information about tiers and resource points. This blog post briefly describes these two new concepts, and includes links to new and updated articles that contain more information.

10 Reasons Users Should Care About Upgrade to SharePoint 2010 (SharePoint Joel’s SharePoint Land)
I’m interested in helping my users get excited about SharePoint 2010. I think there are tons of reasons to get excited about why upgrade, and why users should be excited about SharePoint 2010.

SQL Server vNext: Code Name “Denali” (ITPro)
One of the key things that I planned on doing at TechEd this year was to learn as much as I could about the vNext of SQL Server, code named “Denali”. From all of the rumors I had heard and things I had read, vNext for SQL Server promises to be Microsoft’s most exciting offering in the database space to date (which is no surprise, they don’t attempt to put out worse versions of things… insert Vista jokes here). What comes next is a series of observations that I made from the numerous sessions that I attended on the topic:

Getting (and Taking Ownership of) Checked Out Files Using Windows PowerShell (SharePoint Automation)
Often when I’m working on a project I need to generate a list of all checked out files and provide that to my client just prior to release to production. Sometimes the client will manually inspect each of them and act as they see fit and other times they’ll ask me to just batch publish all of them (for which I use my Publish-SPListItems cmdlet). So, how do I generate the report for the client? It’s actually pretty easy using PowerShell and a couple of quick loops as there is effectively a single property that we need to inspect on each list. Here’s an example of that loops through every Site Collection in the Farm and generates a nice report:

Forward Strategies Findings in the ‘Using SharePoint for ECM’ AIIM Report (The Bamboo Team Blog)
Using SharePoint for ECM, the new AIIM report released a week ago today, focuses on a number of different sectors of interest including: SharePoint Adoption and Scale, Deployment, SharePoint 2010 Experiences, Business Process and Third-Party Integration, Forward Strategies, and Governance. A sampling of the survey results in the Forward Strategies sector include:


SharePoint Job Listings*
Senior SharePoint Developer – Grand Rapids, MI
An exciting opportunity is now available at Amway in our Global Headquarters for a Senior SharePoint Developer. This role will guide the work of developers and be the point of reference enterprise wide in regards to the capacity of SharePoint for their needs. Some Architect work will be required as well, creating large complex diagrams and documentation skills are a must. Ability to be a liaison between the SharePoint technology experts and the end user groups, therefore strong communication skills are necessary to pair with  SharePoint 2007 and 2010 knowledge and experience.

Technical SharePoint Project Manager – Chantilly, VA
Northrop Grumman Information Systems sector is seeking a Project Manager to join our team of qualified, diverse individuals.  This position will be located in Chantilly, VA. Transforming the future of technology…  The qualified applicant will become part of Northrop Grumman’s AACES Program responsible for providing Information Technology Services to the National Data Center Program within the Department of Veterans Affairs.


Microsoft Updates
Best Practices for Team Collaboration Sites (SharePoint Server 2010) (TechNet)
This article is one of a series of best practices articles for Microsoft SharePoint Server 2010. This article describes the typical characteristics and best practices for hosting collaboration sites in a SharePoint Server 2010 environment. SharePoint Server 2010 makes team collaboration easier with features such as My Sites, blogs, wikis, and co-authoring. When you plan for team collaboration sites, remember that these sites typically exhibit the following characteristics:


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