Browser Battle Escalates to OS War; No Windows 7 Slates for Christmas; Will WP7 Turn Into Another Palm?

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The Traditional BA Role is Dead, Long Live the SharePoint Consultant (CMSWire)
Already have your technology selected? Then doesn’t it make sense that your BA have good working knowledge of it, making the transition from requirements development to design smoother? The Business Analyst Role is Changing: Due to the increasing expense and complexity of modern content management systems, organizations often make strategic decisions to use a single software platform throughout their business operations. A platform may be selected by one group, and then expected to be reused in various systems by means of separately ran projects. It may not be ideal, but very often a new website, or intranet, will have a technology solution in place way before the requirements stage has been completed, or even considered.

Windows 7 Slates Won’t Be Home For Christmas (InformationWeek)
Back in October, Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer promised new, Windows 7-powered slate computers “by Christmas”, if only to ensure his company didn’t get flattened like a reindeer on the interstate by Apple and Google during the holiday shopping season. Earlier, in June, Ballmer told financial analysts that Microsoft would introduce a sledful of Windows 7 slates “over the course of the next several months.”

Google Chrome vs. Microsoft Windows: Browser Battle Escalates to OS War (Fast Company)
Google unveiled its new Chrome browser and OS Tuesday. Its ultimate aim? To make Microsoft’s market share monopoly sleep with the fishes. That piscine threat is especially relevant here. When Microsoft made the rounds touting its latest iteration of Internet Explorer, the team couldn’t stop showing off its “fishtank test,” a benchmark the company used to show off IE’s fast frame-rate and HTML5 support when processing a graphic of fish swimming. The test was intended to bash Chrome–videos and images of comparison tests were fluttered out into the blogosphere. In one test with 100 fish swimming, IE9 handled it at 60 FPS–Chrome at just 4 FPS.

Microsoft Adds Tracking Protection to IE9. So What? (PC Magazine)
There are a flurry of stories about how IE9 will make it harder for people to track your Internet activity. The first subhead I read on one of these stories is: “Advertisers complain the Internet Explorer browser tool will hinder their ability to support free news, entertainment and other online content.” Of course, because advertisers online are all snoops. Google is the biggest one of all. The fact is that people can minimize tracking by erasing all their cookies. But because cookies also contain useful data such as stored passwords and bookmarks this has become impractical for most users.

What to Expect: Windows 8 (PCWorld)
It started with an accidental posting on Microsoft’s Dutch website saying Windows 8 was two years away from hitting the market. Then there were a few slides at the recent Microsoft Professional Developers Conference suggesting the next release of the Windows Server OS, which typically arrives just after a desktop edition debuts, was due in 2012. To add to the titillation, Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer, when interviewed at the Gartner Symposium, said the next version of the Windows desktop would be “Microsoft’s riskiest upcoming product.”

Will Windows Phone 7 Turn Into Another Palm? (Seattle PI)
This Associated Press piece, “Palm head says turnaround hurt by swifter peers,” caught my eye today because it so easily could have said “Microsoft.” Here are the first three paragraphs: The head of smart-phone maker Palm said the company’s attempt at a turnaround — which ended earlier this year when it was bought by Hewlett Packard for $1.8 billion in cash — was thwarted by competitors that simply moved too quickly.

5 Necessary Truths About Gov 2.0 (Federal Computer Week)
The initiatives launched by the Obama administration, many states and other countries to use technology to increase transparency, participation and collaboration have created a positive buzz about open government and Government 2.0 worldwide. Open data, idea contests, government Facebook pages and the like are popping up everywhere in demonstration of the interest in reaching out to and engaging with citizens.

Around the Blogosphere
America’s Next Top Modeller! (With a Surprising Twist at the End) (NothingButSharePoint)
When you are working on getting the details right for your SharePoint projects, you need to produce, share and get feedback on a number of key artefacts. Things like wireframes, navigation maps, and content taxonomies. If you know me, or have seen me present at conferences, you know that I am a strong advocate of visual tools that can be used interactively and efficiently with clients to get to shared understanding. One area where I have not been as successful up until now is building business process models (i.e. flow charts of activity that take place over time).

How We Did It: SharePoint Magazine Re-Launch (Furuknap’s SharePoint Corner)
So, you probably know we re-launched SharePoint Magazine today (if today is Tuesday December 7 2010, that is). If you don’t know, check out or, probably in a few weeks time, just Google SharePoint, and I’m sure we’ll be back on the first page again shortly. Regardless, as is customary when doing stuff like this, we should post a “How We Did It” post to explain the process of getting the magazine back on the air.

A Look at Microsoft BPOS (PMP Insights)
It’s the time of year that many IT organizations are finalizing their 2011 budgets and strategy.   One of the things on the radar screen for many organizations is Microsoft BPOS (aka as business productivity online suite which will soon fall under the umbrella of Office 365 now in Beta).  BPOS is a set of hosted messaging and collaboration solutions for the “cloud” comprised of SharePoint, Exchange, and Communications (and soon Microsoft Office).  I don’t intend to discuss how to migrate Exchange mailboxes or SharePoint sites to BPOS as other resources on the web already address that more technically.  I do, however, want to begin the BPOS conversation because I have yet to see anything written about it on AIIM Communities to date.

Disable Inserting Web Parts in the SharePoint 2010 Rich Text Editor (Waldek Mastykarz)
SharePoint 2010 ships with a brand new Rich Text Editor which has a dozen of new capabilities. One of those capabilities allows you to insert Web Parts in content which can help you add some rich functionality to your content. And while it sounds pretty cool there are scenarios when you might want to turn inserting Web Parts in content off. In this article you can read about how you can disable inserting Web Parts in the SharePoint 2010 Rich Text Editor.

SharePoint Job Listings*
SharePoint/ Web Developer – Schaumburg, IL
The SharePoint/ Web Developer will be responsible for developing and testing mission critical enterprise solutions implementation of custom application development using the .NET Framework, ASP.NET, C#, Business Intelligence, SharePoint, Office 2007 and other advanced components of Microsoft technology. The SharePoint/ Web Developer will utilize the Microsoft Framework including web services, enterprise portals and mobile applications.  The person in this role must understand business objectives, translate them into application design, transition the application into production and provide maintenance and support.

Microsoft SharePoint Developer – Naperville, IL
The Microsoft SharePoint Developer will need experience designing and developing portals, workflows, custom web parts, document libraries, web, search, lists, branding, user interfaces and web services. Has SharePoint Administration skills including AD and Federated Identity Management. Experience using BDC or BCS to connect to Microsoft SQL Server 2005/2008, SAP, and other data sources. Proven experience developing mission critical applications that have been deployed to production. Works in cross-functional teams to define and design system architecture, data, workflows, scalability, security, user experience and usability.  Relies on experience and judgment to plan and accomplish project objectives.  This includes successful completion of project phase deliverables, on time, within budget and to the specified quality standards. Trains and develops team members when required. Maintains competency with respect to the Microsoft development platform, system knowledge and industry best practices and trends.

Microsoft Updates
SharePoint 2007: A user’s presence information does not appear correctly in People search results intermittently (Microsoft Support)
Consider the following scenario you have user accounts in Active Directory with different SMTP and SIP addresses (msRTCSIP-PrimaryUserAddress). You import these users into your MOSS 2007 SSP using a profile import connection. You perform a full crawl to have these users show up in search results.

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