Microsoft No Longer a Growth Company; Zuckerberg On the Facebook Phone; Does Big Enterprise Have an Unfair Advantage?

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Microsoft Can No Longer Dictate Web Standards (Memeburn)
Microsoft has never been big on supporting standards that were not developed in-house, but external pressure has forced the Internet Explorer (IE) division to start complying with open web standards. The beta version of IE9 has just been made available and there is a lot of talk in the media about its HTML5 support.

Top 10 Features of Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 (eCRM Guide)
The beta version of Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 released earlier this month has created quite a stir among beta testers and market-watchers, as it contains a number of big improvements. Those features include a next-generation native Microsoft Outlook client, Microsoft Office contextual CRM Ribbon for Office navigation and user experience, role-tailored design, and user personalization. The new software, designed for both cloud-based and on-premises deployments, is Microsoft’s latest attempt to gain ground on CRM (customer relationship management) market leaders, Oracle and SAP.

Microsoft at Terms with No Longer Being a Growth Company? (Seattle PI)
In many ways, Chief Financial Officer Peter Klein’s presentation was the most interesting part of Microsoft’s Financial Analyst Meeting this summer. Not his presentation on the growth potential of cloud computing, but one number he rattled off: $169 billion. That’s the amount of money Microsoft had returned to shareholders during the past 10 years, through dividends and stock buybacks.

Oracle`s Ellison,`s Benioff Trade Barbs on Cloud Computing Vision (eWeek)
Oracle CEO Larry Ellison and CEO Marc Benioff have exchanged highly public barbs at the Oracle OpenWorld Show the week of Sept. 19 about which company can deliver products and services that adhere to a true vision of what cloud computing is all about. Speaking at the welcoming keynote Sunday for his company’s OpenWorld show here, Ellison told attendees that’s widely used customer relationships management software is “basically just a sales force automation app on the cloud.” Ellison noted that “some people say that’s cloud computing. But it’s not cloud computing, it’s SAAS (Software as a Service) There’s a big difference.” Furthermore, said Ellison,’s products are SAAS apps running on a “very limited platform.”

Does “Big Enterprise” Have an Unfair Advantage? (Read Write Enterprise)
Do big enterprise vendors depends on market inefficiencies to give them an unfair advantage? That’s what Bob Warfield is saying at Enterprise Irregulars. It’s not a particularly shocking idea, or as potentially explosive as angel investors engaging in price fixing and collusion (allegedly). But it’s worth considering, especially as SaaS and freemium pricing continue to proliferate in the enterprise.

Interview With Mark Zuckerberg On The “Facebook Phone” (TechCrunch)
Over the weekend I wrote an article about Facebook’s mobile plans, particularly that they are working on a branded mobile phone. Facebook said the story was inacurate, despite CNET, Alley Insider and others writing independent stories confirming that Facebook was working on a phone. We responded aggressively. Facebook reached out to us on Monday to clear the air, and invited us to Facebook HQ in Palo Alto, California to speak to CEO Mark Zuckerberg directly about Facebook’s mobile plans. Jason Kincaid and I spoke with Mark for about half an hour. The transcription of that interview is below.

Around the Blogosphere
SharePoint 2010 with Live ID (
I got Live ID running in Production with SharePoint 2010 after getting approval from Microsoft. This is for the new SharePoint 2010 Enterprise site hosted by fpWeb. It will also host and to cater for Developers, End Users and IT Pros. We’re very excited about getting this launched for SPTechCon on 20th October. This project has been nearly a year in the making after tossing up the idea at SPC09 over a beer!

And I Would Have Gotten Away With it, too, if it Hadn’t Been for You Meddling #SharePoint Kids! (End User SharePoint)
Today I got to sit through yet another boring efficiency consultant project milestone meeting, but SharePoint was on the agenda and I had to be there. Rumor had it that not only were they looking for efficiencies, they were also looking to push a Knowledge Management and Project tracking system. Based on this intel, I was expecting to have to justify SharePoint’s use and cost so I pulled up the executive summary of the governance plan, site usage numbers, training plans, the internal Power User program and all those “Good Stuff emails”.

Defuse the Ticking Bomb in Your SharePoint Sites (Woody Windischman – The Sanity Point)
By now, you have probably heard about the ASP.NET security flaw that was discovered over the weekend. SharePoint has been an ASP.NET based application for the last several versions, so it stands to reason that it would be affected by any problems discovered in the core platform. However, there has been some conflicting information with regard to just how (and how much) this affects SharePoint – in particular whether all versions are affected, or just SharePoint 2010.

SharePoint Job Listings*
SharePoint Architect – Deerfield, IL
Candidates will work with users to define requirements. Will develop and design the Microsoft Office SharePoint Server (MOSS) to meet the client needs. Will work to understand the business problems and ensure solutions that adheres to best practices. Will utilize and develop the SharePoint feature-sets as they pertain to the business requirements. Write technical specifics based upon the client needs, create mockups, wireframes, and prototypes and code and configure solutions, as necessary.

Senior SharePoint Administrator – Naperville, IL
The Senior SharePoint Administrator is responsible for the analysis, design, development, testing and production support of Microsoft SharePoint.  This position meets with department heads and develops project plans to implement SharePoint across all functional areas of the firm.

Microsoft Updates
The localized publishing features are not displayed for site provisioning after you install the Dari language pack on a SharePoint Server 2007 server (Microsoft Support)
When you install a Dari language pack on an Office SharePoint Server 2007 server, the localized publishing features are no longer displayed for site provisioning.

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