TechNet Wiki Opens To IT Pros; Microsoft Kills Support for Vista RTM; Windows Mobile 6.5 Virus

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Evolution Conference Travel Update
In light of the recent news regarding the Iceland Volcano Eruption and the cloud of Ash causing airport closure today we want to make sure each of you are aware of the alternative transport options to ensure your safe arrival to the UK.

Microsoft TechNet Wiki Opens To IT Pros (Redmond Mag)
Microsoft on Wednesday talked a bit more about the launch of its TechNet wiki, a Web page for IT pros where anyone can read, edit and contribute articles. The wiki went live as a beta in March, but Microsoft described the concept in greater detail on Wednesday in a blog post. The focus of the wiki is on Microsoft technologies and it adopts the noncommercial community model seen in sites like Wikipedia.

Microsoft, Google On Office Computing Collision Course (InformationWeek)
By the end of this year, both companies will find themselves on the same fundamental office computing architecture: a hybrid approach that supports both desktop- and browser-based office computing.

Microsoft Shows Off Another Java Deployment Option for Windows Azure (ZDNet)
While Windows Azure is designed first and foremost to appeal to .Net developers, Microsoft has been adding tools for those who want to work on cloud apps using PHP, Ruby and even — gasp — Java. Recently, Microsoft went public with proof-of-concept information about another Java tool that can be hosted on .Net: The Jetty HTTP server.

Microsoft Kills Support for Windows Vista RTM (eWeek)
Microsoft ended support for Windows Vista RTM April 13, meaning that those who wish to continue to use a supported version of the much-maligned operating system must update their copies with service packs. Mainstream support for Vista ends April 10, 2012, while extended support for Vista Business and Vista Enterprise will end April 11, 2017. The number of users of Vista and Windows XP has been steadily falling in recent months, as the newer Windows 7 claims an accompanying larger share of the U.S. operating system market. Microsoft is also adjusting its product support life-cycle policy to offer limited support under very specific circumstances.

Microsoft Seen Posting Profit, Sales Gains for Third Quarter (MarketWatch)
Microsoft Corp. is expected to report gains in profit and sales for its fiscal third quarter next Thursday, as the company is seen benefiting from a revamped version of its flagship Windows product and a sharp increase in shipments of computers loaded with its software.

Virus Alert: Windows Mobile 6.5 Virus Found (IntoMobile)
This is your Windows Mobile virus alert! If you are a Windows Mobile phone owner, I suggest you listen up. A new virus was found from an application users have downloaded. Below explains where the

Around the Blogosphere
SharePoint Workspace 2010 (Arpan Shah’s Blog)
I am a big fan of SharePoint Workspace. I’ve been using SharePoint Workspace for the last few weeks, and I can honestly say that my experience has been fantastic! I thought I’d write a short note to share my own experiences and how I’ve been using it to improve my own personal productivity. As background for those of you not familiar with SharePoint Workspace, SharePoint Workspace is the evolution of the Groove client. The change in name in the 2010 wave says it all – it very much is the rich client for SharePoint. I’ve heard people making the same comparison between Workspace and SharePoint as they do for Outlook and Exchange. In the 2010 wave, SharePoint Workspace allows you to take your document lists & libraries offline – and this includes External lists that might be bringing information from backend systems. I see three primary values of SharePoint Workspace – all of which have been beneficial to me:

Office 2010, Our Approach to Delivering the Best Productivity Experience Across PCs, Phones and Browsers (Microsoft Office 2010 Engineering)
As we gear up to launch the next version of Office, I want to share a bit of what’s in store.  Each new version of Microsoft Office is developed through a fundamental approach that includes extensive research, planning, and most importantly, lots of listening to our customers to discover what they really need from their software to be more productive. The goal of this approach (what some might call stoic ☺) is to deliver a product that reflects how essential our products are in the professional and personal lives of over half a billion customers around the world, and one that is designed to help these many customers be more productive in real ways.

Configuring Read-Only Content Databases –  SharePoint Joel’s SharePoint Land
When you dig into SharePoint 2010 Upgrade you’ll find out about this new feature called “Read-Only Content databases.”  This feature actually came in SharePoint 2007 SP2.  The feature is something you should be aware of for scenarios not only relating to upgrade, while upgrade is the most common scenario.

SharePoint – Group By a Column with Multiple Values (End User SharePoint)
This was something that seemed impossible for Sharepoint to do, but with a little trickery with XPath under the bonnet of Sharepoint Designer, proved incredibly simple. If you already know how to Link Sharepoint lists and include a field as a Joined Subview, you can quickly scan over this section and skip to the code snippet below with its explanation.

Download Visual Studio 2010 Extensibility Projects for SharePoint 2010 (SharePoint Buzz)
The SharePoint & Office Developer & Platform Evangelism Team has just released SharePoint 2010 Extensibility Projects on the MSDN Code Gallery site. They are provided three projects that you can use to augment your SharePoint 2010 development efforts. The three projects leverage the Visual Studio extensibility model and give you three VSIX files that you can install and use in your development environment. There are three extensibility projects included in this Beta release (that target the SharePoint RC version):

Guest Blog by Black Marble’s Linda Hogg: Considering SharePoint – Part 3, Scalability of the SharePoint Platform (The Bamboo Team Blog)
In this video, we’re explaining how good quality file sharing, easy version control, and a rich tool base in products like Visual Studio 2010, are all reasons we’d recommend the SharePoint platform to practically any business of any size. We find that the ease of integration of Microsoft products with one another, and with third party tools/software, gives the SharePoint platform a scalability that is often lacking in other platforms.

A Beginner’s Guide to SharePoint Vocabulary: Part 3–What is SharePoint? (The Bamboo Team Blog)
When I first heard about SharePoint, I understood that it was an interactive platform that enabled organizations to share information and collaborate on a large scale. I assumed that it was like any other Microsoft product, where I’d just click an icon on my desktop to open up SharePoint and be on my merry way.

Guest Blog by Black Marble’s Linda Hogg: Considering SharePoint – Part 2, Open Accessibility Standards of the Microsoft Stack (The Bamboo Team Blog)
In this video we explain that the open accessibility standards and end-to-end solution possibilities of the Microsoft stack enable us, and our clients, to communicate on any browser or system we choose, without having to bolt together disparate pieces of equipment and software.

SharePoint Job Listings**
SharePoint/Web Application Developer – Austin, TX
We currently have an opportunity for a SharePoint/Web Application Developer to join us! The SharePoint/Web Application Developer will work on the design and construction of enterprise web applications (intranet, extranet, and internet).  The incumbent will also play an integral role in the design and implementation of a content management and/or collaboration application to be used to manage content published on enterprise applications/sites.

Senior .Net Developer for SharePoint Team Lead – New York, NY
We seek a senior engineer & developer to lead the SharePoint team. Strong experience in managing a technical team of 5-7 members and leading a product space. The candidate will be required to create an overall vision for the platform and prioritize and coordinate the work amongst the team members. The candidate will also be the primary liaison with third party vendors including Microsoft. Candidate must have a in-depth understanding of SharePoint as well as application design and development. Extensive experience in designing and implementing SharePoint/IIS/ASP.NET web infrastructure.

Microsoft Updates
Error message when you access an Office SharePoint Server 2007 site by clicking “View My Site” in Office Outlook: User not found (Microsoft Support)
Consider the following scenario: You try to access a Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 site by clicking View My Site in Microsoft Office Outlook. This site belongs to a user who has an apostrophe in their e-mail address. In this scenario, you receive the following error message: User not found.

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